Sunday, July 29, 2012

i'm quite okay with not being bill gates or steve jobs

The end to friday couldn't have been more demoralizing. Friday's paper was really shitty crappy, those type of papers when you start to think "when is this gonna end?". Left the examination hall so amused that I found this level1 module insanely hard, even harder than pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmacology and whatever else. Anyway, group mates and I ended up staying in the computer lab for more than 10 hours. It was only at 1 something am before we made our way home. We stayed in school for a record long 17 hours.
Our project submission was considered late, broken links in the website, un-titled website, wrongly titled file submission, insane hunger, rolling and jumping about the computer lab, feasting on macs in a no-eating-or-drinking-allowed place, going crazy, singing out loud, toning exercises, toe poking, taking photos, printing random pictures, shouting for help etc.

I'm glad i'm not pursuing computing because I might be crazy from the confusion I have about it.

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