Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Education & I

I can't deny the joy from acquiring knowledge. Information is interesting, all the better if it's one of my interest. If I further my studies in years to come, i'm sure i'd say how tired I am and how lost I can get from trying to understand, memorize facts and hope they retain in my head. Maybe I wouldn't need to memorize so many facts because it'll be about applications or critical thinking instead. Right now i'm already feeling a little burnt out; perhaps quite a lot, I don't know. Late nights and unproductivity have definitely contributed a whole lot to this. Oh, yes, distractions too. Tests, projects, final papers are to come and I feel like my hands and legs are tied but my body is carried forth by this wave of time. I'm rambling on cause i'm can't really logically and categorically explain things. I can't think of the right vocabulary to use now even. There's probably plenty of grammar mistakes in this ramble but i'm gonna leave it. It's a ramble anyway.

Should start getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep everyday.

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