Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clear intent

1. So I went to see my optician today (finally) and my eyes are alright! That means, i'm safe to wear my corrective lens again and i'd no longer be semi-blind after tonight! Hooray!

2. Been craving for molten cheese naan for the past few nights and didn't get one at Ameem yesterday since pizza at Sapore Italliano was surprisingly filling. Perhaps laughing about and finding the Hug Me coke machine contributed to this 'full' feeling. Anyway, I make my own cheese naan with garlic herb sausage today!

3. There's a test next week, 2 more tests the week after and my whole singapore studies project dued that week. Kinda crazy but oh well, it's the university life isn't it? At least as a pharmacy student. On a lighter note, I went down to Fairfield methodist church with my dad today to ask for permission to film and i'd be going down on tuesday to do so.

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