Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Honestly honest here

Just woke up from my slumber I fell into after brunch. 2012 is starting off good. Emotions could run low but not to a level I saw myself so often in last year. I'm very much being myself which gives me peace. I'm not emotionally torn by that ex after I finally pulled myself out of that relationship. It was probably the hardest but best decision I made last year. The childish-ness, selfishness and hypocrisy made me finally accept this farewell. I wouldn't want to return to that shithole especially with the disgust and disbelieve I have with it.
In other words, i've moved on.
In this new year I hope to save myself from academics because my failures are clearly not justified.

I've got to start saving money since i've spent on kasabian & dcfc already.
So alas, I breathe freedom.

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