Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year's Eve

Tomorrow, my house is gonna be flooded, okay i'm exaggerating a little, with people. Hopefully i'd get to stay in the room and receive better red packets (angbaos) this year. I don't know half of the people's names because I don't see them except during Chinese New year. I suspect it's the angbao my grandma gives along with the carrot cake which I see them happily stuffing their faces. I know this isn't right but their red packets can't even buy me a meal at the hawker centre sometimes. I'm not that excited for chinese new year but just glad for the holiday and angbaos i've to receive because i'm terribly poor at the moment. I'm sure most people would share this feeling with me too, hahaha.

Anyway i'm done with packing and cleaning my room. I happily dumped all the things I think I wouldn't need.

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