Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miles to go

So often when I mention of disappointment or anything pessimistic, I am told that things will be okay. When everything seems so bleak and dismal, I tell myself that it's okay. Breathing takes on inspiration and expiration; i'm still alive, life goes on. The latter is an honest belief but I find it hard to believe that the first is true. Things cannot be okay after events have occurred. I'd like to think so, but thinking that being okay isn't true. If so, why do I still return to the same issues and have to tell myself that it's okay so that I can get on. If things were really okay, should there not be these returning occurrences? So it's not okay, don't tell me it's okay. Perhaps things can be okay if the right turn is taken or if things get worked out, till then, just don't.

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