Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lost In Litlington

I consider myself religious but I don't believe in necessarily displaying it. I pray, I fear god and I try to stick to the commandments. I have broken many and would be condemned to hell if I died now but I hope it's true that god is forgiving. I don't talk of church but last Sunday, the priest said something that struck me on many levels. He said that we should look forward and not wander too much in the past because the past can be disturbing. Paths can take on different turns depending on how one views it.

Right now i'm close to 0%, apart from losing interest in going out and people, my results have now degraded to the level that I can't even attain the lowest possible level of honours. I really don't feel like talking to anyone at this moment because I don't think any conversation that involves this can help. It feels as if my heart and feet have been cemented. Oh, I really fucked up badly this time didn't I?

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